Media reported about the construction of the Russian intelligence center in Nicaragua

Russia is building in Nicaragua, the center for the collection of electronic intelligence data, reports American newspaper the Washington Free Beacon, citing officials from the defense sector familiar with the situation.

The construction of the center, designed to collect information in the Western hemisphere, is part of a transaction for the transfer of tanks T-72B1 from Russia to Nicaragua, said the sources. The Washington Free Beacon was unable to obtain data on where will be the intelligence center and when will its construction.

At the same time, the publication claims that it can be disguised as station navigation satellite system GLONASS. The representative of the Nicaraguan Embassy was unavailable for comment. In the state Department and the Pentagon did not give a clear review on the information about the construction of the base.

Posts about construction intelligence center untrue, the source said “Interfax” in the Russian foreign Ministry. “With regard to such messages, it is difficult to comment on the unscientific fantasy”, he said. The spokesman added that Moscow is developing cooperation in the sphere of GLONASS with a number of countries in Latin America, based on a completely open and transparent agreements.

That Russia starts the supply of tanks in Nicaragua, in late April, has informed “RIA Novosti”, the Center for analysis of world arms trade (TSAMTO). We are talking about 50 tanks T-72B1.

The construction of GLONASS stations in Nicaragua will be completed by the summer of 2016, said in February the Russian Ambassador in this country, Nicholas Vladimir (now it is already gone from his post). Nicaragua is “very favorably located geographically, so this station will be very useful,” he said. “Now we are preparing personnel to work on this station,” — said Vladimir.