Astakhov asked the survivors to a lake in Karelia girl “how was your swim?”

Children’s Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov during a visit to the children, who survived the crash of the boat on the Syamozero in Karelia, asked one of the girls the question, “how was your swim?”. The video recording of the conversation was published by the TV channel REN-TV.

First Astakhov said the girl, as they were taken from the scene of the tragedy. “You EMERCOM plane was carrying, right?”, “he asked.

“Well, how was your swim?”, – asked the then children’s Ombudsman. Instead of the girl on his vopros answered which was at that time in the house of a woman, replied: “Thank God, survived.”

47 students and four adults instructor went on a hike boat on the Syamozero day on June 18. During a hike on the lake a storm came up, in homecage two boats capsized. In the 13 children was killed, another went missing, his search continues until now.

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