VTB24 introduced a substitute work desks in the Bank device

VTB24 has introduced a device that replaces the work of banking offices. The presentation device had a member of the Board and Director of operations Department of a financial organization Valery Chulkov, reports “RIA Novosti”.

When using the device customers will be able without going to the Bank to cash out from the account to 600 thousand. it can be used to help conduct operations on contactless technologies and to Deposit cash to 1 million rubles for one operation. In addition, with the help of new technology, you can check balances, loan payments, and pay utility bills and mobile communications.

The new device consists of a module of a closed circulation of cash, the design with the Bank statement printer, two touch screens, NF–° reader and scanner for reading barcodes. He said that such a device is the first in Russia.

Chulkov said that the new project will enable the Bank to reduce the costs of opening and maintaining offices. New device can reduce the number of the cash boxes, and perhaps to abandon them later, “preserving the maximum list of operations to customers and increasing the bandwidth of the offices.”

The device, according to the Agency, is able to hold more than 80% of cash transactions. It is available for physical and legal entities.