The media learned about the first victims of the U.S. military in Syria

The American operation in Syria led to the first victims, The Times reports. They are four special forces soldiers injured in the North of the country. US military instructors were wounded by shrapnel, on 9 June, when anti-tank gun was in a nearby car with them.

As for the losses in Iraq, there were killed three U.S. military. Two of them were Navy seals and were killed in prepared battle.

The Pentagon also confirmed injured 16 people among staff in both countries, but did not specify where, under what circumstances and when did these incidents, writes The Times.

Became known some details of the involvement of US special forces in opposition to the “Islamic state” (LIH, a banned terrorist organization), the newspaper notes. So, who was killed in Iraq in may special forces officer first class Charles Keating was awarded posthumously the Silver star for bravery.

However, the announcement of his award said about the circumstances of his death, and the battle in Syria in March of this year. It says that Keating “has repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire from automatic weapons, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades during a battle with more than a hundred ISIL fighters. He led a counterattack, when the ISIS fighters sent to meet the bomber in a car bomb.

The United States placed in Syria of 50 instructors of the special forces in November 2015. In April it was announced that another 250 people to arrive in Syria to reinforce Kurdish and Arab fighters in the so-called Syrian democratic forces for the attack on the capital of ISIS — Raqqa city.