The ASI explained the news of the introduction of teleportation to 2035

Director of the branch Young professionals, Agency for strategic initiatives to promote new projects (ASI) Dmitry Peskov

The program “national technology initiative’ (STI) does not imply the emergence by 2035 teleportation, we are talking only about the protected transmission of communications. So the Director of the branch Young professionals, Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI), Dmitry Peskov, commented on the publication in “Kommersant”, which on Wednesday announced plans for ASI to implement by 2035, in Russia domestic language programming, is absolutely secure communication infrastructure-based quantum communications, operator of a new type for unmanned systems and teleportation.

“Nothing like that in the roadmap was not, and can not be. Part of the road map is the development of quantum communication in which there is a phenomenon of quantum teleportation. It does not imply physical movement. You can send a message from point a to point B, which is impossible to crack,” — said Peskov, “RIA Novosti”. According to him, such as quantum communication may be of interest to security institutions and banks.

Peskov also said that the introduction of such developments is engaged in Russia Russian quantum center, which has already established the first protected line quantum communication under the contract with “Gazprom”.

Earlier Wednesday, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that on 22 June, the Russian government will discuss created ASI program “national technology initiative”. According to the prepared in the framework of the “road map” of development in Russia of the market of systems security information and cyber-physical systems, codenamed SafeNet, by 2035, the country can be embedded neural interfaces, quantum computing, the use of phenomena that resemble natural ones for information transfer and teleportation.

“Kommersant” in its publication cited the words of the founder of Almaz Capital Partners Alexander Galitsky, who noted that scientists at Stanford University have already conducted a successful experiment on teleportation of molecules at close distance, so this technology is only now looks fantastic.