Moscow authorities have promised to repair the Tver for 100 years

During the reconstruction of Tverskaya street in Moscow, June 2016

Reconstruction of Tverskaya street, held in Moscow this summer, will allow not to carry out further repair work within 70-100 years. About it in interview to portal said Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov.

“The Tverskaya was reconstructed at this scale in the 1930-ies. So I think what we’re doing now, no one will do again another 70-100 years,” — said Biryukov.

According to the Deputy mayor, due to the fact that the materials can serve for this time, there are budget savings. He expressed the hope that in the process of operation, it will pay for itself. Landscaping should be completed by 1 September.

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“The city, convenient for life”: who and what is dug up Tverskaya

Last weekend the city authorities completely blocked the movement of vehicles along the main street of Moscow — Tverskaya for holding work on the improvement of the street.

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Biryukov also said that now the workers lay underground utilities. Thus, according to him, “on those streets that we will repair this year, in the future, there is no substitute communications; emergency operations only, from which no one is safe”. The Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of housing also said that before the end of the year in the capital will make about 450 thousand square meters of paving slabs. He noted that “the life of the new tiles at about seven to eight times more than asphalt”. And the cost of operation, according to him, two and a half times lower.

As he wrote RBC, the winner of the tender to carry out works on the improvement of Tver was the company of Rador.” She offered to do the work for 895,9 million rubles Only for the purchase of 33 to 83 thousand square meters of granite tiles will be spent over 286 million rubles After completion of the work along the street will be planted Linden.

Last year in the framework of the program “My street” were conducted work on several streets, including on Kashira, Warsaw, Leningrad, Yaroslavl shosse and Prospekt Mira. According to estimates RBC, the reconstruction authority has spent nearly 10.2 billion rubles.

This year these roads have decided to renovate again. This time the amount of new contracts, as calculated by RBC, is 2.6 billion rubles.