Medina said the attempt of the US through Netflix to get “in the head each”

Culture Minister Vladimir Medina believes that using Netflix is the US government trying to get in the head of each inhabitant of the Earth.” He stated this in an interview with RNS.

“It turns out that in our conditions, our ideological friends [the us government] understands that is the most important art — how to sign in with Netflix in each house, to get into every TV, and the TV’s in the head of each inhabitant of the Earth. And we do not understand,” said the Minister.

He noted that the U.S. government helps the development of Netflix, including money and guarantees. “And how the U.S. government supports Netflix, for the sake of interest, go online and look. The white house understands what is the most important art… what do you think all these giant startups arise by themselves? Sat one boy, a student, came up — and the billions of dollars poured in on top?!” — explained Medinsky.

Netflix is the largest online cinema in the world. The service has 75 million subscribers (around 30 million in the USA). The Netflix library has over 13 thousand pieces of content. In 2015, Netflix’s revenue was $6.7 billion (an increase of 20%), and the capitalization for the year increased 60% to $42 billion.