Mail.Ru Group will become a shareholder of the Prisma lenses

Mail.Ru Group will become an investor and a shareholder of the Prisma application that allows you to stylize the pictures under paintings by famous artists, is spoken in the message of the Internet holding company. The volume of investment and the share received by the company Mail.Ru in the Prisma Group, were not disclosed. The source of RBC, close to shareholders of the service, says that the proportion of Mail.Ru Group “significantly below 25%”. Another source familiar with the founders of the service, and close to the holding clarifies that we are talking about a fraction of about 10%.

The amount of the tranche Mail.Ru Group does not exceed $2 million, says a source close to holding, and confirms a friend of the founder of the service. The entire Prisma project investors is estimated at several tens of millions of dollars, says the source RBC, close to Mail.Ru Group.

In Mail.Ru Group to consider options for the integration of technologies developed by Prisma in the services of the holding. On 19 June in the pages of the Internet company in social networks said that Mail.Ru Group “I believe neural network technology”. The possibility to use them, for example in ICQ and social networks “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, said June 20 the source of RBC, close to the company. Representative Mail.Ru Group declined to comment on specific ways of cooperation with Prisma.

Founder of the service Prisma — Alexei detention of offenders for up to 28 Muna — product Manager, “daughter” Mail.Ru Group. He is the main shareholder, said earlier RBC two acquaintances of the businessman. Moiseenkova and three developers owned a total package more control, that is at least 51%. Among the founders of Prisma — Andrey Usoltsev, lead designer of the product in “Yandex”. Usoltsev in a conversation with RBC before, did not say whether he is going to leave the main work after the success of Prisma. On the question of whether he is a shareholder, Usoltsev has not yet responded. The names of two other developers involved in the creation of Prisma, were not disclosed.

Minority stakes in the project Prisma speak Aleksei Gubarev, CEO and co-owner (parent company XBT Holding), and venture Capital Fund Gagarin. Gubarev and managing partner, Gagarin Capital Nikolay Davydov confirmed RBC that are shareholders. They refused to reveal when, what percentage and under what conditions received. It is only known that the company from the very beginning provides servers to ensure secure operation of the Prisma application: daily connect new capacity, now in service over a hundred servers, said Gubarev on June 20. Nikolay Davydov still appeared in the Prisma project as a mentor.

RBC sources also indicate that a small stake in the project could belong to Yuri Gursky, Vice President Mail.Ru Group, who from the beginning acted as a consultant to the founders of Prisma. As told RBC himself Gursky, he was helping the team with strategy and tactics. At the same time, he noted that hasn’t invested in Prisma. Gursky refused to answer the question whether he has received a stake in the project in exchange for advice. In the message Mail.Ru Group’s shareholders Gursky is not called.

A source close to Prisma, said that the app was already interested in “the world’s top investment funds, but the current shareholders of the service refused to sell their shares.

Mobile app Prisma launched on 11 June and on 15 June came in the top App Store in Russia. As of June 21 Prisma with the number of downloads to nearly 1 million times is the most popular app in 10 countries: in addition to Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia and others In the Prisma created 20 filters to edit photos — all of them styled or under-known works of art (e.g. the paintings of Marc Chagall or van Gogh) or just the popular art trends. Prisma unlike the competitors is working on the technology of neural networks: the application does not just impose a filter, and essentially “repaints” uploaded photo to a user specified style. Image processing happens in the cloud, so the “reset” takes a few seconds.

Prisma on the dynamics of the plants is growing faster than Instagram and MSQRD, at different times, acquired by Facebook. For comparison: the world’s most popular photomessages Instagram and app with filters MSQRD (both owned by Facebook) has reached 500 thousand downloads in a month after launch. While still in promotion Prisma did not invest the money, said the source RBC, close to the founder service growth was organic.