Trump fired the head of his election headquarters

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party of billionaire Donald trump fired the head of his election headquarters Corey Lewandowski. About this newspaper The New York Times.

“The campaign of Donald trump today announced that Cory Lewandowski will no longer work within it,” — said the press Secretary of the campaign hope Hicks. The reasons why Lewandowski left his job, she said.

However, according to two sources, Newspapers, Lewandowski was just fired. As the newspaper notes, the ex-head of the election headquarters trump had a strained relationship with the American press covering the campaign of billionaire, and to him with a discontent attitude many members of the Republican party.

At the end of March this year, Lewandowski was arrested and charged with use of force. According to police, at a campaign event trump he grabbed the hand of a reporter for the conservative publication Breitbart, Michelle fields and left her bruises. Then Tamp said that the head of his election headquarters “absolutely innocent.”

Later, the publication Politico, citing its sources reported that Lewandowski has decided not to prosecute for the incident with the journalist.