FAS has opened case on “Aymanibank” because of the fee 10% of Deposit

Moscow management of Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) initiated a case against CB Aymanibank” according to the article 14.8 of the law “On protection of competition (prohibition of unfair competition). The reason for the proceedings was the unilateral imposition by the Bank of a fee of 10% for the replenishment of deposits, reported on the Agency’s website.

The FAS has addressed with the complaints of the investors. According to them, the contracts that were concluded with the Bank, additional fees and payments for the replenishment of the deposits was not provided. But in early 2016, the Bank “unilaterally” imposed a Commission of 10% for the replenishment of deposits, the report said.

The Commission was extended to 19 types of deposits.

In this regard, the FAS issued a warning to the Bank with the requirement to cancel these tariffs until June 7. “However, CB Aymanibank” not eliminate the signs of violation of Antimonopoly legislation”, — stated in the message Department.

“Aymanibank”, according to the rating of the portal banki.ru takes 144-th place in the Russian banking system. As of June of 2016 with assets of more 27,232 billion.

In mid-March of this year FAS has fined Tinkoff Bank on 300 thousand rubles for unfair competition in the Deposit market. The Bank unilaterally reduced the interest rate that is charged on additional contributions to replenish the deposits. June 1, the Moscow Arbitration court dismissed the claim of the credit institution in which it is asked to recognize FAS ‘ decision invalid.

If Tinkoff Bank can not prove in court that in mid-2015 legitimate lower interest rates on renewable deposits, he will have to pay the investors compensation.