In Chicago shot and killed a member of the Mexican show “the Voice”

Member of the Mexican version of the show “the Voice” Alejandro Fuentes shot in Chicago, the Associated Press reports, citing a medical examiner’s office in cook County.

45-year-old Fuentes was shot three times in the head when he was in the car with friends that day by celebrating her birthday. An armed man ordered him to get out of the car and then opened fire. Local TV station WGN notes that Funetes was in a red convertible and refused to get out of it in response to the order of the unknown.

The police said that the suspects in the attack yet. Police are trying to determine whether the murder is a result of attempted theft or robbery.

Fuentes was a finalist marisancha “the Voice” in 2011. He also owned a Studio and art school in Chicago.

On 10 June a man in Florida shot and killed a star of the American version of the show “the Voice” Christina Grimmie, she was 22 years old. He killed her when she was signing autographs, and then killed himself. Later the police reported that the killer — 27-year-old Kevin James Loibl — made a special trip to Orlando to commit a crime. He could be an insane fan.