In Cairo reported severe damage reported “black boxes” of the liner EgyptAir

Found the flight recorders of the airliner A320 EgyptAir, which crashed in may, badly damaged and in need of rehabilitation before decrypting. About it reports Associated Press with reference to the Egyptian official.

The spokesman did not specify how long they want to recover the black boxes, however, noted that if Egypt did not succeed to do so, they will be sent abroad.

The first flight data recorder of the crashed plane was discovered on June 16 in the Mediterranean sea. Then the Egyptian Commission on investigation of the crash said they found the “black box” was damaged, but the specialists managed to raise to the surface “block of memory that is most important in recording device”. The second “black box” rescuers found the next day, June 17.

The A320 EgyptAir, flying from Paris to Cairo, crashed may 19. Onboard the liner there were 66 people, among whom were citizens of Egypt, France, great Britain and Canada. They all died.

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In the Mediterranean sea, found the wreckage of the crashed airliner EgyptAir

In the Mediterranean sea discovered the wreckage of the A320 aircraft of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir. The first images found of the wreckage was published by the Ministry of defence of Egypt. I’ve seen fragments of the plane…

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