Putin has Lavrov compared with Gromyko

Russian President Vladimir Putin compared the period of work of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia with the foreign Minister of the USSR Andrei Gromyko.

He stated, answering the question about the possible candidate in US presidents Hillari Clinton. “I didn’t work with her, she’s Lavrov worked here and ask him, there he is sitting here”. The head of state added: “I was not the Minister of foreign Affairs. Sergey Lavrov — were. He soon Gromyko. How much do you work?” Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Putin said that in a short time he worked with spouse Hillary Clinton bill Clinton. “We had a very good relationship, and I can even say that I am grateful to him for some moments, as was my entry into politics. Several times he showed signs of attention, respect and to me personally, and to Russia, and I remember it”, — said the President.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, in turn, said that now can call Lavrov Gromyko. “I would add that, in my opinion, the fundamental it is important that Russia was a party to the main dossier of the Mediterranean, which Minister Lavrov — who I can now call Gromyko, I think — Gromyko-Lavrov worked well, productively, in these weeks and months on this dossier,” he said, noting that Italy is interested in Russia as a strategic partner (uidata according to “RIA Novosti”).

Sergei Lavrov, head of Russian foreign Ministry since March 2004. Permanent member of the security Council of Russia. Andrei Gromyko was Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR in the years 1957-1985.