Putin called the US the only superpower

The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

“America is a great power. It’s probably the only superpower. We accept. We are ready and willing to work with the United States,” — said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the plenary session at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) (quoted by “Interfax”).

According to the President, Russia and the world “for such a powerful country”, he noted that Russia does not need to “they constantly interfered in our Affairs, have pointed out how we live, prevented Europe to build a relationship with us”.

Putin, speaking about the attitude of Russia, USA and Europe, anti-Russian sanctions and the response said that the restrictive measure “does not concern US and affect only the European countries.

“Sanctions — they relate to the United States? Could not relate to. Generally they do not care about these sanctions. The consequences of our response, they have no effect. Impact on Europe, and the United States are not reflected. Zero effect. But the Americans tell their partners [the Europeans]: we must be patient. Why do they suffer? But if you want, let them suffer”, — said Putin.