Putin called the ban unfair to the athletes to compete at the Olympics

The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

Speaking in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin called the unjust decision of the International athletics Federation (IAAF) to disqualify the Russian national team and thereby deprive her of the opportunity to go to the Olympics in Brazil. According to him, the responsibility for doping needs to be personalized.

The head of state expressed hope that it will be possible to find a solution that will still allow athletes to travel to Rio de Janeiro. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that the Russian authorities intend to continue the fight against doping.

Commenting on the recent verification of the athletes, the President of Russia pointed out that in the last six months sample doping the Russians take foreign specialists. “Who needs to take samples, to believe in their authenticity?” – asked the President.

Vladimir Putin also said that Meldonium, which was found in the blood of several dozen Russian athletes, gives advantages on the competition. The head of state has expressed bewilderment why the officials have any claims to this drug.

On Friday 17 August, the IAAF Council upheld the disqualification of the all-Russian athletics Federation, which was imposed several months ago. This means that the international Olympic Committee, meeting will be held June 21, may be allowed to participate in the Olympics only to individual athletes.

The Ministry of sports of Russia said that the decision of the IAAF unprecedented, promising to do everything possible in order to restore the confidence of the international sports community for Patriotic athletes.

The Agency urged all members of the IOC to re-evaluate the consequences of established precedent for the Russian athletes and all the citizens of our country and for other participants in the Olympic movement.