LG began selling TVs with the function of repelling mosquitoes

South Korean LG Electronics Inc started selling Mosquito Away TV — TV with the function of repelling mosquitoes, according to Reuters , citing a press release of the company.

Technology, mosquito repellent, based on ultrasonic waves that are not available to the human ear, and continues to work even when the TV is turned off. This technology was previously applied in the creation of LG air conditioners and washing machines, and has been found to be effective.

LG noted that the target audience of the new consumers with a low income living in conditions where there is a large number of mosquitoes that can spread malaria, zika virus and dengue fever.

The novelty was released in India where it is available in two models for the price of 26,5 thousand rupees ($394) and 47,5 thousand rupees ($706). Next month, the televisions should go on sale in the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.