Investors withdrew from funds in the UK more than $1 billion per week

Last week, investors withdrew more than $1.1 billion from investing in UK funds. This week, the outflow is the second largest in the last ten years, according to MarketWatch, citing data from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The record weekly outflow of $1.9 billion was recorded in 2015 (according to c 2005).

The mood of investors is influenced is scheduled for June 23 in the UK referendum on a possible exit from the EU (Brexit), notes MarketWatch. Investors started buying gold, US treasuries and Japanese yen.

The outflow of funds has continued for the 19th consecutive week and European equity funds. Last week, investors withdrew $4.7 billion.

15 Jun the Minister of Finance of great Britain George Osborne said that leaving the EU would cost the country £30 billion in the next four years. Osborne warned that the government will have to compensate the budget deficit by raising taxes. The Minister admitted that because of a British exit from the European Union may be a reduction in public spending on health, defence, education, police and transport.

On 16 June the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil reached $of 47.21. It is to be $1.78 or 3.6% below the closing level on June 15. According to analysts, the drop in prices occurred against the background of concerns of investors on the outcome of the referendum about a possible exit from the EU (Brexit).