Has created in Russia protected from viruses tablet

Protected from viruses tablet TrusTPad

The Russian company TKK-M (“Trustedcertentry Millionaire”) has developed protected from viruses tablet TrusTPad, told RBC General Director of the Roman Prokop’ev. The tablet works in two modes — protected on the Linux operating system and the usual Android. TKK-M will present the tablet to potential investors at a plenary session of the St. Petersburg international economic forum on Saturday 18 June.

The tablet is created on the basis of technologies that are new to the Harvard architecture, its author, head of the Department “information security” MIPT Konyavskiyi Valery — one of the owners TKK-M. “If the computer is in read-only mode (read-only), then it cannot record, so if the virus enters in the computer memory, it cannot be written to the device”, — told RBC Konyavskiyi. According to him, since hackers can remotely affect the hardware device is impossible to infect.

To switch from one mode to another, the user can use the switch located on the body of the tablet, he said. The cost of the product is 39 thousand rubles., said Prokopiev.

Before that, the TTC-M is based on the same technology have developed a computer MKTrusT, which is December 4, 2015 the head of the Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov presented to Vladimir Putin. “You can store your secret files on it; it is protected from different kinds of viruses. You can connect it to any display up to the TV, you need only the mouse”, — said Chemezov.

In addition to these two products the company has developed a four — MKT microcomputer designed to work only in protected mode, protected modular computer docking stations MKT-MKT and card-long card and IP phone TrustPhone.

The device already tested by state-owned companies, told RBC Prokopiev, such as a tablet — “Mail of Russia”. Deputy Director of the company Sergey Emelchenkov RBC confirmed this, Recalling that “Mail” is one of the largest buyers of computers in the country and gets “tens of thousands” of devices. Another potential partner TKK-M — owned company of the Ministry of defense “Voentelekom”. Director of the center for development and testing information and telecommunication systems “Voentelekoma” Eugene Ilkov told RBC that the structure of the Ministry of defense “interested in products “TAC-M” and “Voentelekom” will take the samples for testing.

Tablet TKK-M, in fact, represents two computers located in a single housing, which in turn utilize the same resources: memory, ports, input and output may, GSM module, etc., says head of advanced technologies Department of “Kaspersky Lab” Andrey Duhulow. In one of the computers system memory is write-protected, he explains. But this approach does not always protect against loss of confidential information, the expert believes.

New technology makes the tablet more secure, but less convenient to use, says security consultant at Cisco Systems Alexey Lukatsky. He notes that the protected tablet was previously released by the company “Security Code” — it was the Android device with pre-installed cryptographic means of information protection.