Two detained in Lille Russian fans deported from France

Two Russian football fan detained for fighting in Lille on 14 June, will be expelled from France. About it “Interfax” told the press attache of the Russian Embassy in Paris, Sergei Parinov.

He said that one detainee fan was sentenced to three months ‘ probation and a year’s ban on entry to France. According to him, now detainees, the fans are in a temporary center of administrative detention”. Parinov added that another two people remain in custody. Decisions not yet made.

Parinov told the day before about the detention of four Russian fans in Lille. According to him, two fans were detained after a fight, one drunk was arrested after the broken Windows. Another Russian woman was detained because her friend, who is a citizen of another country, in the trunk of the car were found a baseball bat.

On the eve of the French authorities took the decision on deportation of the 20 Russian fans detained in the bus to Lille. After that, the head of the Russian Union of fans Alexander Spragin told that the fans will try to challenge this decision.