Hyperloop Elon musk proposed to build a highway in Russia

The Ministry of transport agreed with the Hyperloop to create a working group for the construction of high-speed railway in the Amur region for the transport of goods. The Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov said in an interview with NTV. “We have agreed to make project development from today to the first model to be presented at the Eastern economic forum in early September in Vladivostok,” — said Sokolov.

Sokolov pottery RBC that the draft is discussed and assessed the probability of its realization as high. According to him, investors consider the construction of a 70-km pipeline in 30-40 billion rubles at the current rate, which is cheaper to build a railway line by 30%. Turns out that project costs could reach $318-425 million

The Ministry hopes that the project will be implemented state support and become part of the transport corridor “Primorye-2”, combining the Chinese province of Jilin to the port of Slavyanka in the South of Primorsky Krai. Traffic volume is expected to reach 10 million tons of cargo per year.

The transport Ministry says that the search for investors will lead the project Hyperloop.

Sverhskorostey highway Hyperloop transport project of Elon musk, founder of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and PayPal.

Vacuum supersonic Hyperloop train should reach a speed of from 480 to 1,220 thousand miles per hour.

Previously, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that “Russian Railways” and the Hyperloop has created a working group to discuss cooperation. The General Director of Agency “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov said that the construction of highways Hyperloop makes economic sense only on the route Moscow — Saint-Petersburg. The idea of the developer and the head of the company Ilona Mask initially is that the system should be cheap to create and to operate.