Businessman Potapenko denied his detention

Managing partner of Management Development Group, member of the political Council of the “party of Growth” Dmitry Potapenko denied that he was detained by the police. About this businessman said in a telephone conversation with RBC.

“I am all right, God spared me,” said Potapenko in response to the question, whether passed in his company’s office investigative activities.

Previously, the Agency “Interfax” with reference to employees “Management development group” reported that the businessman Potapenko was detained in Central Moscow by unknown people, among whom was a police officer and taken from his office. “Dmitry Potapenko was detained by people in mufti, he was put into a van and drove away, no connection with it” — quoted the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier on Thursday, the editor RBC email you received a letter, which contained video of detention of the businessman. On the record shows how few people, including people in the police, crack the door of the office and detain a person, like the businessman Potapenko.

“Judging because I have all phoned, apparently maybe found some old RAM shooting something with something mounted <…> I haven’t seen this tape, I’m now at the Higher school of Economics and can only assume that some old archive footage found,” commented Potapenko video.

Entrepreneur Potapenko became famous after, in 2015, made a sharp speech at the Moscow economic forum. In his speech, he criticized the “economic power” of Russia, which, he said, caused “four knockout blow” to the economy: “the criminal [grocery] embargo”, a “prohibitive rate,” which “is not Obama, we did,” “the decree for the destruction of products” and “tax Rotenberg”.