France decided to deport 20 Russian fans

The Consul General of Russia in Marseille Sergey Molchanov has told “RIA Novosti” that the nine Russian fans among the passengers of the detainee in France the bus is released, another 20 will be expelled from the country in the near future. Three, according to him, awaiting the Tribunal — either released or deported.

A bus with more than 40 Russians who went to the match between Russia and Slovakia, were detained the day before. The head of the Russian Association of fans (VOB) Alexander Spragin reported that the French security forces stopped a vehicle near the city of Cannes. As said Spragin in conversation with RBC, were detained, “including the bus driver and women.” He linked the detention with a sharp deterioration in the health of English fans injured in brawl in Marseille. “He ceased to function brain,” — said Spragin.

Also, “RIA Novosti” with reference to the communiqué of the Prefecture of the Nord Department (the administrative center — the city of Lille) reports that 16 fans, including six Russians were arrested in Lille on Wednesday. It notes that the detainees were involved in riots on Saturday in Marseille. The representative of the Russian Consulate told the news Agency that five of the six Russians were detained in the city restaurant in the afternoon at 13:50 (14:50 GMT), another was detained at the stadium at 16:40 (17:40) on suspicion of involvement in the riots in Marseille.

On 11 June in Marseille, where the Russian team played a match with England, there have been clashes between Russian and English football fans. In addition, at the end the match ended with the score 1:1 at the stadium in Marseille, a number of Russian fans got into the sector with the English fans. The riots affected more than 30 people.

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The clashes of fans in Marseille

In Marseilles, where on Saturday took place the first match of Russian national team for Euro 2016, have been clashes between football fans. Before the match England and Russia on the streets…

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For action fans, UEFA fined the Russian football Union (RFU) for €150 thousand and conditionally disqualified the Russian team until the end of the tournament. Disqualification will take effect, if the Russian fans repeatedly violates the order.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in connection with the detention of the bus, called the actions of the French authorities is unacceptable. “The French behaved contrary to all obligations under the Vienna Convention”, — said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry. The Minister criticized and the fans.