Experts spoke about the development of new types of nuclear weapons in the DPRK

North Korea was able to develop new types of nuclear weapons, Reuters reports, citing a study by the Washington Institute for science and international security.

We are talking about four to six new types of weapons. Thus, the DPRK, according to the Institute now started from 13 to 21 type of weapon, and possibly more. Last year, researchers evaluated the number was developed by Pyongyang of nuclear weapons in 10-16.

In the report of the Institute also reported signs of activity at the facility, which, as experts believe, is the separation of isotopes. They, according to scientists, can be used for the production of tritium, needed for the development of thermonuclear weapons. The DPRK said earlier that it plans to develop this type of weapon, reminds Reuters.

On the eve of the source Agency, the state Department announced that North Korea had resumed production of weapons-grade plutonium for nuclear missiles, in violation of international sanctions. We are talking about the restoration of the plant to obtain plutonium from spent nuclear fuel in the nuclear research center in Yongbyon. According to the interlocutor of Agency, spent fuel from the reactor is taken, allow it to cool, and then delivered to the processing plant, which had obtained the plutonium for its previous nuclear tests.

The DPRK will not use nuclear weapons unless threats to its University, said in may North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. Pyongyang “will clearly fulfill its commitment to non-proliferation [of nuclear weapons] and to fight for global nuclear disarmament”, he said.