The ROC refused to participate in the pan-Orthodox Council

The Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk during a briefing on the emergency session of the Holy Synod of the Russian Church, which decided the question of the participation of the Russian Orthodox Church in pan-Orthodox Council

In Moscow, held an emergency meeting of the Holy Synod of the ROC, following which it was decided to support the proposal of Antioch, the Georgian, Serbian and Bulgarian Orthodox churches Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to postpone the pan-Orthodox Council. If a Cathedral on Crete from 18 to 27 June is still to be convened, the ROC recognizes the impossible the participation of their delegations.

Members of the Holy Synod emphasized that the only possible solution in this situation is the continuation of the preparations for the Council and the achievement of General agreement all the churches for his transfer.

The reason for the emergency meeting of the Synod was the fact that the trip refused to meet representatives of many other Orthodox churches, is designed to transfer the Cathedral to the other term.

First from participation in the meeting in Crete refused the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, who indicated that the program of the Cathedral of missing important and relevant to modern Orthodoxy issues that require immediate action, and also disagreed with the wording of the tabled documents.

The Serbian Orthodox Church expressed its dissatisfaction with the fact that its proposals were not included in the agenda of the Cathedral and pointed out the existence of a conflict between the various churches.

Dissatisfaction with the agenda and the lack of unity expressed Antioch and the Georgian Church.

Pan-Orthodox Cathedral on the island of Crete should be the first since the VIII century. Thus the Patriarch of Constantinople, who was to preside there, said that he will be held regardless of the number of participants.