In Moscow rally in memory of victims of the shooting in Orlando arrested two people

Flowers at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in memory of the victims of the attack on a nightclub in the American city of Orlando. 13 Jun 2016

The action of memory of victims of the shooting in Orlando, which runs near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow detained two people.

Among those detained was an employee of RBC Islam Abdullabekov. According to him, they wanted to put on the ground outside the Embassy, a poster with the words “Love wins” (“Love wins”), and to light candles.

“The police immediately took in hand and carried in a car allegedly for uncoordinated action. We just wanted to Express my condolences in connection with the murder of people and did not intend any political action to make,” he said.

At the moment, the detainees were taken to the police station Presnensky district, they are waiting for protocols. They took passports, made copies and asked for phone numbers, told Abdullabekov.

Muscovites brought flowers to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in memory of the victims of the shooting at a popular gay club Pulse in Orlando, which killed 50 people, including the attacker.

On the fence near the Embassy hung a multi-colored letters that form the words “stronger than hate” and next to the fence, put “rainbow” flag.

Stronger than hate
Solidarity action in Orlando at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Put my wife flowers at the US Consulate. This horrible tragedy must not be repeated. #LoveIsLove #PrayForOrlando

Стрельба в клубе произошла утром в воскресенье, в результате нападения погибли 50 человек ,в том числе сам стрелок, еще 53 человека получили ранения. Ответственность за нападение взяла на себя запрещенная в России и ряде стран мира террористическая группировка «Исламское государство».

Shooting suspect 29-year-old resident of Afghan origin Omar Matina. As he told police before the attack on the club he called 911 and swore allegiance to the leader of ISIS.

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The attack on a nightclub in Orlando

In on Sunday night an armed man stormed into the popular gay night club Pulse in Orlando and set up the shooting. The victims of this attack were 50 people, and 53…

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