Obama called the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando “act of hatred”

President Barack Obama called the shooting, which occurred Sunday morning at a nightclub in Orlando, which killed 50 people, an “act of hate” and noted that the attack was perpetrated on all Americans. He said this in his speech at the White house, reports Reuters.

“Today, we as Americans are deeply saddened by the brutal mass murder of dozens of innocent people,” Obama said, “Despite what the investigation has just begun, we have enough reason to call the incident an act of terror and hatred.”

“It is especially heartbreaking this is for our friends — our countrymen — lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. The aim of the attack the gunman was a night club where people come together to spend time with friends, dance, sing and live,” — said the American President.

“The attack on any American, regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us,” Obama said.

Barack Obama called the shooting in Orlando a terrorist attack
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A shooting at a popular gay club Pulse in Orlando occurred on the morning of June 12. The assailant was reportedly armed with a pistol and an assault rifle. GetName shooting 50 people, another 53 were injured.

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The attack on a nightclub in Orlando

In on Sunday night an armed man stormed into the popular gay night club Pulse in Orlando and set up the shooting. The victims of this attack were 50 people, and 53…

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Responsibility for attack was assumed banned in Russia and several countries of the world terrorist group “Islamic state”. Shooting suspect 29-year-old Omar Matin Afghan origin. According to NBC News, before the attack, Martin called 911 and swore allegiance to the leader of ISIS.