In California detained on their way to a gay pride parade man with a gun

Police In Los Angeles

In the city Santa Monica which is West of Los Angeles, arrested a man with weapons, ammunition and possibly explosives. About it writes the Los Angeles Times, citing a source in local law enforcement.

On Sunday morning the police reported a suspicious man at the place where it was noticed, left the patrol officers. The man reported that he expects another. During the inspection of his car in the car found weapons, ammunition, and tannerite — a substance used to make explosives.

The man was arrested. He said the guards that was heading to a gay pride parade in West Hollywood.

The press-Secretary of police of Santa Monica Saul Rodriguez confirmed that the car of the detained men from Indiana weapons were found. Thus, according to him, the guards “it is not known what were the intentions of the suspect”.

In on Sunday night an armed man burst into a gay club Pulse in Orlando, Florida. The assailant opened fire. Killing 50 people, another 53 were injured. The perpetrator was shot dead during a shootout with police.

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The attack on a nightclub in Orlando

In on Sunday night an armed man stormed into the popular gay night club Pulse in Orlando and set up the shooting. The victims of this attack were 50 people, and 53…

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The U.S. government acknowledged the attack “domestic terrorism”. Shooting suspect 29-year-old Omar Matina. His parents are immigrants from Afghanistan, however the man himself was born in the United States. Now
the police together with the FBI to find out whether Matin is associated with the Islamists.

CNN, citing local authorities reported that Matin was already known to the FBI. According to two law enforcement sources, he was suspected of sympathizing with the banned in Russia and several countries of the grouping “Islamic state”.