The government has proposed to simplify the procedure of obtaining public services

The Russian government submitted to the state Duma a draft law providing for the reduction of the list of documents that are entitled to claim the bodies providing the state and municipal services. The text of the project published on Saturday, June 11, on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Currently, the bodies providing public services cannot require from the applicant the submission of documents, which are at the disposal of such bodies, other state bodies, bodies of local self-government or subordinate organizations, with the exception of documents included in the so-called list of documents of personal storage. The bill proposes to reduce the list of documents of personal storage in respect of certificates of state registration of acts of civil status (with the exception of evidence on adoption and adoption) of documents on education, scientific degrees and academic titles. Information from these documents will be provided to the Federal bodies of Executive authority in electronic form.

The exclusion of these documents from the list will allow to simplify and accelerate procedures for the provision of services to make them more comfortable, it is noted in content to the document.

The project was initiated by the Ministry of economic development. The government approved it at the meeting held on 2 June 2016.