Media reported about the approach of the two U.S. bombers to the borders of Russia

Two American strategic bomber USAF b-52 approached the borders of Russia in the Baltic. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the Western portals, tracking the movement of military aircraft.

According to them, the bombers with the call ICER01 and ICER02 flew from the air base Mildenhall in the UK for the job in the southern part of the Baltic sea in the framework of the proximity of NATO exercises.

Exercises Baltops-2016 in the Baltic sea began on 3 June and will last until June 19. 9 June to the Russian border flew an American bomber B-52H. 8 June, media also reported the departure to the Russian shores of the two B-52 with the call ICER01 and ICER02 with the British base Fairford.

Strategic bombers B-52 are in service with the U.S. army for 60 years and regularly participate in military exercises around the world. In April 2016 the United States first used a B-52 against the terrorists of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” in Iraq. Prior to that, the bombers of this type were involved in the operation “desert Storm” in the middle East in 1991.