“Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the double bombing in Damascus

Militants “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) took responsibility for the double bombing in southern Damascus, Reuters reports with reference to close to terrorists, the Agency Amaq.

Explosions on the southern outskirts of Damascus earlier in the morning. Two suicide bombers exploded at the entrance to the Shiite quarter of Sayyid Zainab. In the same quarter exploded a car bomb. According to the Agency, killed at least eight people, injured dozens.

At the same time, the Agency “RIA Novosti” with reference to a source in Damascus hospital reports that the number of victims has risen to 16, the number of victims has reached 46.

The last major terrorist attack in Damascus occurred in February. Then killed 89 people. Simultaneously, a series of explosions occurred in HOMS, Syria. The victims were 59 people. Responsibility for what happened in both cases took on ISIS.