Iran signed contracts for the supply of oil from three European countries

National Iranian oil company (NIOC) has signed contracts for the supply of oil with the oil companies of Italy, Spain and Greece, according to the state news Agency IRNA, citing the Director of the international relations Department of the company Mohsen Kamsari.

Presstv says that it is about the supply of oil companies Saras and Iplom (Italy), Repsol (Spain) and Hellenic Petroleum (Greece). Kosari added that NIOC has resumed talks with the Dutch-British Shell. He expressed the hope that soon Iran will be able to enter into a contract with that oil company.

He said that about 80% of the contracts with European companies are in the works. Press TV adds that, according to Comcare, three Western European companies have already sent crude oil.

According to previously published reports Reuters, in April-may export of oil from Iran amounted to 2.1–2.3 million barrels per day. A year earlier the figure was 1.3 million barrels. a day. According to the Agency, contributed to the improvement of the insurance conditions tanker of oil supplies from the country.

In may, the Global energy Agency has prepared a report, which stated that a month earlier, oil production in Iran has reached the pre-sanctions level. This figure amounted to 3.56 million barrels. a day. The last time such a figure was called in November 2011 — two months before the EU imposed an oil embargo against the country.