In the United States launched a rocket with a reconnaissance satellite

From the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (Florida) launched booster Delta 4 Heavy, which is supposed to launch a reconnaissance satellite of the United States. The stream run led in your Twitter operator launch company United Launch Alliance (ULA).

According to the specialized portal Spaceflight Now the launch was held at 20:51 (GMT). About six minutes after launch, the rocket separated first and second stages. Two minutes later after that stream was terminated because of the secrecy of the launch.

The satellite which the rocket should put into orbit, belongs to the National military space exploration. It is not according to the purposes for which the satellite is placed in orbit, does not disclose its cost.

Initially the launch was scheduled for last Thursday, but the launch was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. The current launch became the ninth for the rocket Delta 4 Heavy. The first launch took place in 2002.