The head of “Gazprom oil” predicted an oil price of $100 after 10 years

The General Director of “Gazprom oil” Dyukov

The price of oil can return to the level of $90-100 per barrel in 7-10 years, if OPEC will soften their position and will cease to increase the level of oil production, says General Director of “Gazprom oil” Alexander Dyukov. He stated this at a press conference on Friday, the correspondent of RBC.

But if OPEC will continue to conduct the same aggressive policy as it is now, then decades the price of oil may remain in the range of $50-60 per barrel, said Dyukov.

Wednesday, June 8, for the first time in eight months, the price of Brent crude oil rose above $52 a barrel. As of 12:00 GMT on 10 June, Brent was trading at $51,16.

“The market is trying to find a new point of stable equilibrium. Point close to $50 a barrel, but any changes can affect growth rates, and falling, — said Dyukov. — Certain events of a political and industrial nature, as well as the rate change USA influence the price”.