Five Russian fans were not allowed in France for Euro 2016

Five Russian fans who came to Marseille at the masts of the Russian national team with England at the European Championships in football, refused to let into the country. This was stated by the head of the Russian Association of fans (VOB) Alexander Spragin. Fans arrived to France on a Charter flight, organized by EO.

“At passport control, they pulled out, pushed aside and not allowed into the country. The rationale is that if they somewhere are on the Interpol database, although in the Russian lists, they are not. Their long were not allowed, they had to fly back,” — said Spragin.

Fans already flew back to Moscow. Spragin said that EO will deal with this incident. According to him, he put in izvestnosti about the incident the Department of the Russian football Union’s security and work with supporters.

The match between the teams of Russia and England will be held on Saturday, July 11 in Marseilles.

Meanwhile, in Marseille again riots involving fans from the UK. According to the British Daily Mail, the English fans started throwing bottles at French police officers. The police responded with tear gas.

The edition specifies that to the pub, next to which riots broke out previously was approached by fans of the Russian team and the local fans. The day before, police also used tear gas to break up a fight involving English fans.