Tesla has unveiled two cheaper versions of the Model S electric car

Tesla Model S

American manufacturer of electric Tesla Motors Elon musk has unveiled two new versions of the electric car Model S — 60 and 60D, which cost starts from $66 thousand and $71 thousand respectively. The company said Thursday in his Twitter.

For comparison, the price of the cheapest up to this point, model 70D, according to the website Tesla Motors, excluding fees starts from $75.3 thousand taking into account tax benefits and fuel economy, the actual cost of the Model S 60 is $50 million, the company said.

The model 60 can travel without recharging up to 210 miles — almost twice more than any other modern car, says USAToday. All-wheel-drive 60D drove 218 miles.

Due to the electric motor 60, Model S accelerates to 60 mph (96.5 km per hour) in 5.5 seconds, according to the website Tesla. Top speed — 130 mph (209 km / h).

Despite the fact that General Motors is going to release a new electric car Chevrolet Bolt capable driving 200 miles, Tesla says its goal is to make affordable model attractive to buyers of cars of the raised comfort. Thus, the new Model S will have low leasing rate, which according to the company, will make them competitive Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4.