Obama supported the nomination of Clinton for President

President Barack Obama and former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, 2012

President Barack Obama supported former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who secured their nomination for the election of the Democratic party. Video Obama’s statement published on the campaign website Clinton.

“I know how hard can be this work. That’s why I know how good it will be Hillary,” said Obama.

Obama stressed that he did not think that there are people, equally suitable for the office of President, like Hillary Clinton. He added that he cannot wait to start participating in her campaign. The President of the United States will join Clinton next week, when she will be campaigning in Wisconsin, writes The Washington Post, citing two sources familiar with the situation.

Video: YouTube/Hillary Clinton

In turn, Clinton in an interview with Reuters said that support for Obama is a “pleasure and honour” for her. Clinton, who was a rival of the current American President in the primaries of 2008, noted that they “went from fierce rivals to true friends.”

Obama’s statement has already commented on trump. “He (the President of the United States. — RBC) wants another four years of Obama — but more that nobody wants!” — he wrote in Twitter.

On Thursday, Obama met with the only remaining opponent of Clinton and a Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders. It was held at the initiative of Sanders. According to its results, Sanders said he would cooperate with Clinton to defeat Republican Donald trump. The Senator promised to continue his campaign at least until the next primaries, which will be held on June 14 in the district of Columbia and will be the last.

Clinton has already enlisted the support of a sufficient number of electors for the presidential nomination. For her this will be the second campaign in eight years — in 2008, she withdrew from the elections before the Democratic Convention. After the election Clinton for four years — from 2009 to 2013 he worked in the Obama administration’s Secretary of state.