Co-founder of Google began creating flying cars”

Startups Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk on the development of “flying cars” belongs to Google co-founder Larry page, Bloomberg has learned. He financed Zee.Aero since the company’s inception in 2010, demanding that his involvement in this business was not disclosed, says the Agency, citing 10 knowledgeable sources.

Paige has already spent more than $100 million to Zee.Aero, told Bloomberg two companion, and continued financing. According to the Agency, employees didn’t mention Paige, calling him “the guy upstairs” (GUS, the guy upstairs). This is due to the fact that Paige promised that he could stop supporting start-UPS, if you become aware of his involvement in the business of creating “flying cars”.

In Zee.Aero works with about 150 people, writes Bloomberg. Among them some of the most talented young designers, software engineers and experts on motors and chargers. Previously, they worked at SpaceX, Elon musk, NASA and Boeing.

The chief designer of Zee.Aero and its CEO is Eric Allison. According to eyewitnesses, the company has a couple prototypes that are regularly undergoing flight tests.

Under the “flying car” in Zee.Aero is a small aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing, which runs completely on electricity. Both the prototype have a narrow fuselage, protruding cabin, designed for one person, and a wing in the back with two propellers. One of the prototypes looks like a normal plane, but small. The second is the place for small propellers on the fuselage, three on each side.

Recently, Zee.Aero has acquired over $1 million for a helicopter to fly next to the prototypes and to gather information about their work, knows Bloomberg.

Last year, says the Agency, started work the second startup page called Kitty Hawk. It was part of the staff of Zee.Aero to work on the competing project. President of the new company, according to its documents ” for 2015 is Sebastian Troon, which Bloomberg calls the godfathers of Google on the creation of an unmanned vehicle and a founder of the research division Google X.

In Kitty Hawk, according to the Agency, works with about ten designers. In addition to immigrants from Zee.Aero’s former employees canadian startup Aerovelo, received in 2013 the award named after Sikorsky for creating muscolare helicopter type which could stay in the air more than a minute.

Bloomberg found that working in Kitty Hawk, Oshiro Emerick, who was involved in the Google unmanned vehicles, and David Estrada, former legal Department head of Google X. they Both pointed out to Kitty Hawk in their profiles on LinkedIn, but contacted them journalists, were removed from their accounts any mention of the company.

The Agency claims that in conversations with Elon Musk Paige said that he would like to develop a budget version of the aircraft in vertical takeoff and landing, then as the founder of SpaceX was interested in creating a luxury version of such a device.

Employees of both companies page saying that he held the division between the projects they work on in Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk. Two sources told Bloomberg that the development of the Kitty Hawk is somewhat similar to giant unmanned quadrocopter.

Paige, Troon and Google representatives declined to talk to Bloomberg about the companies Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk.

Larry page is the CEO of the company Alphabet, created during the reorganization of Google last year. In the list of world’s richest people according to Forbes it occupies the 12th place with a fortune of $35.2 bn