The state Duma adopted in the second reading the bill on news aggregators

The state Duma in the second reading adopted the bill on news aggregators, according to the website of the lower house of Parliament.

The document introduces the concept of a news aggregator, unified registry and responsibility for distribution of false information. In particular, the news aggregator is defined as an Internet resource with the audience of more than 1 million visitors a day, which collects, processes and disseminates information.

On the eve of the Committee on information policy approved an amendment to the bill and recommended the adoption of the second reading. In the original version of it was proposed to assign to the aggregators the same responsibility that the media. Because of this, they would have to obtain a license from Roskomnadzor to block illegal information.

In addition, the document spelled out the need to verify the authenticity of distributed aggregators of information. Representatives of the Internet industry have stated that the item actually suspend aggregators. The second reading of it removed from the bill.

Also, the bill stipulates that the owners of the aggregator can be any foreign entity, but they must establish a Russian legal entity (in the first version said about the limit of 20% foreign participation). Aggregators, according to the document, will also be required to store the information (links) for six months.