The media learned about the resumption of negotiations about purchase “AKADO”, “Rostelecom”

Renewed negotiations about purchase “Rostelecom” telecommunication holding “AKADO” (67% belongs to structures of Viktor Vekselberg, 33% — Yury Pripachkin), write “Vedomosti”.

Negotiations began in 2013, but came to nothing. In may 2014, the head of “Renova” Vekselberg said that his company abandoned the idea to sell “AKADO”.

Two people close to both sides of the negotiations, told “Vedomosti” that now the parties returned to this idea. According to one of them, we discuss the possibility of payment of assets “AKADO” quasicanonical shares of “Rostelecom” belonging to the “daughter” of “Mobitel”. The second source of “Vedomosti” confirmed that such a scenario is seen.

The market value of 15.09% of the ordinary and 30,79% of preferred shares of “Rostelecom” belonging “Mobitel”, by the close of trading on the Moscow exchange on June 7 42.3 billion rubles, the newspaper notes