Erdogan has been deprived of Turkish parliamentarians parliamentary immunity

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed, on Tuesday, 7 June, law depriving members of Parliament of immunity from prosecution, reports Reuters , citing the presidential administration.

The law on removal of inviolability from deputies, the Turkish Parliament adopted in may. For its adoption voted 376 of 550 parliamentarians. It was initiated by the ruling justice and development, which is supported by Erdogan.

The law allows the Prosecutor to conduct criminal prosecution in respect of any of the 138 MPs who are currently under investigation. Of these, 101 members of the Parliament are members of the Pro-Kurdish democracy Party of the peoples (HDP), said Reuters.

Erdogan accused the HDP, the third largest party in the country, the political support of the banned Kurdistan workers ‘ party, which insurgents for more than three decades waging an armed struggle with the Turkish government for Kurdish autonomy. PD rejects the connection with Kurdish militants. The party fears that because of the new law to jail can get the majority of its deputies in Parliament.

Erdogan’s opponents claim that the deprivation of immunity of parliamentarians is part of a strategy to oust PD of Parliament, writes Reuters.