“Daughter” of “Rosteh” created messenger for officials

“RT-inform (part of rostec) will present its own instant messenger for companies and government agencies at the conference “the Digital industrial industry of Russia”, which will take place on 9 June in Innopolis, the official statement of the company. Developed instant messenger supports messaging, group chats, voice and video calls, conferences, as well as different tools for workflow — for example, file transfer.

The working title of the messenger — Protected platform instant messaging”, said the representative of “RT-inform”. Messenger can run on a personal computer with installed operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS X as well as on smartphones based on iOS and Android. While the product is under testing, said the representative of “RT-inform”. How much money is spent on the development of the messenger, he refused to disclose.

The messenger from the “RT-inform” provides data security during transmission and storage, while protecting not only the correspondence of users, but their communication by audio or video, according to developers. The use of foreign software in government the document creates additional risks of information security, said General Director of RT-inform, Kamil Gazizov (his words are in the press release of the company). “For secure communication and data storage institutions should switch to using Russian software created specifically for this purpose,” insists Gazizov.

The development of “RT-inform” could cost from $2 million to $5 million, RBC considered the owner OMMG Technology and the Creator of the messenger 4talk Sergey Kravtsov, starting from the product description “RT-inform” in an official statement. According to Kravtsov, the price is made up of a set of unique technologies that the company buys from the market, and the value of the team creating the product. Gomessenger will be in demand at the moment, when will be banned other instant messengers for use by officials, he said. He is confident that state agencies must use only Russian software authenticated from the relevant authorities.

The first new product will be offered to employees of Rostec, said in the release. Representative of “Rostec” Ekaterina Baranova told RBC that the Corporation will first test the messenger, and then decide about its further use. “In recent years, messenger has become a very common way of interaction among employees of Rostec. “RT-inform” suggested a pilot project, which, of course, will require testing and refinement”, — explained the interest of the Corporation Baranova. She said that if “assistance” will get its own protected system with user-friendly interface, “of course, it will use it”.

The development of messenger for the officials discussed the Corporation Mail.Ru Group in April 2016. During a meeting with representatives of the IT industry and representatives of state bodies, the adviser of the President of Russia on the Internet German Klimenko said that Mail.Ru Group is the only company that has a groundwork on the theme of messengers. “The expertise they have is the best”, — said Klimenko. “If Mail.Ru I will say that it [the creation of messenger for officials] solvable, please”, — said Klimenko. According to him, civil servants are able to use any messengers, “but the hierarchy of the public service involves the creation of a separate structure”.

Representative Mail.Ru Group declined to comment.

The issue of creating a special messenger for officials was discussed at the end of April 2016 at a meeting on import substitution, it was held by the presidential adviser on the Internet Herman Klimenko. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister Alexey Sokolov, President of the information democracy Foundation Ilya Massukh, the staff of regional ministries and business representatives. The final decision on product development is still pending, since may will need small crushing [the service] to different state bodies,” said then-Minister.

In late may, “Kommersant” reported with reference to the report of the Ministry of economic development that the Russian officials and military personnel may prohibit conduct work correspondence via mobile apps foreign developers. We are talking about banning the use of mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram. Also, the Ministry has proposed to prohibit officials to maintain a working correspondence with mailboxes on Gmail.com.

OOO “RT-inform” on 100% belongs “Rostechnadzor”. The company procures, implements and provides maintenance of IT equipment and software for the entire group.