In the Moscow region from-for frosts has introduced the “orange level” of risk

The hydrometcentre of Russia announced in the capital region on Wednesday, June 8, the penultimate “orange” level of danger of the weather because of a possible frost, reports TASS.

The same level of risk applies to Smolensk, Yaroslavl and Tula regions.

“Orange” level means that the weather threat. There is a possibility of natural disasters, damage,” — said the weather center.

Meteorologists explained that the freeze in the Central region of European territory of Russia will come with the spread of “Greenland” cold. “The freeze in the first week of June are classified as late frosts. so, for example, within the city the latest negative temperature recorded on June 12. In 1899, it is -1.8 [degrees]. But in the field were frozen and much later, until 21 June,” — said in a statement on the website of the hydrometeorological center. In the suburbs most zamorozhenye areas are West and East.

According to weather forecasts, 8 June frosts are expected in the Leningrad, Novgorod, Pskov regions, the night temperature here drops to minus 2 degrees. Frosts are predicted also in Yaroslavl (the temperature at night will drop to 3 degrees Celsius), Moscow, Smolensk, Vologda (minus 2 degrees), Tula (minus 1 degree). In the North of Komi night temperature falls to two degrees below zero. In Karelia is expected at night to minus 2 degrees, in the Kostroma region — a minus of 4 degrees.