In St. Petersburg caught fire under construction for the Ministry of defence ship

At “Sredne-Nevsky shipyard” in St. Petersburg burns the inner lining of the boat under construction, according to the website of the regional emergency Department. We are talking about “ordering 522 (MO)” should be the message. As specifies “Fontanka.<url>”, under this number is built base minesweeper “Georgy Kurbatov” with a displacement of 890 tons.

Message about the fire was received at 19:30 GMT, five minutes later arrived at the scene, firefighters reported the emergency Department. After half an hour of fire rank was promoted to second, and by 20:10 — to the third. The burning area was estimated at 600 sq. m. As reported in UMCHS, information on victims did not arrive yet, and the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed permissible limits.

The anti-mine defense ship “Georgy Kurbatov” is intended for the naval fleet of Russia, reported on the website of the Ministry of defense. The laying of the first of this series was held in April last year. The ship length is 61 m, the fly is 10.5, and the height eight. As stated by the then Navy commander Viktor Chirkov, the ship has the world’s largest body of reinforced fiberglass, formed by vacuum infusion.

As reported “Interfax” the press service of the defense Ministry, the ship on which the fire occurred, the Agency did not commit. He was at the initial stage of construction, the armament of the vessel is not installed, and the Navy of his plan to pass in 2017.

The contract for the production of ships of this series was signed in the spring of 2014. Minesweeper was designed by CDB “Diamond”. Under the terms of the contract, delivery of the ships is planned in the period from 2016 to 2018.