France questioned the involvement of the detainee in Ukraine to terrorism

The Frenchman, who was arrested with weapons in Ukraine, most likely, is a smuggler, not a terrorist. This was stated by the city attorney Nancy Tom Pizon, reports Reuters.

“This young man is unknown to French intelligence services, and judicial authorities are now considering the case of possible smuggling of weapons,” he said. On the question of whether France demand the extradition of the detainee, Pizon said: “We’re not at that stage”.

On the detention on the Ukrainian-Polish border the Frenchmen, who were preparing terrorist attacks in the country, on the eve announced the head of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Vasyl Hrytsak. In his car, according to Hrytsak, found three grenade launchers, more than 100 kg of explosives, detonators and several Kalashnikov rifles. Man, as stated by the head of the SBU, was going to blow up in France, mosque, synagogue, tax inspection and the observation of highways. Now a Frenchman has been arrested, he is suspected of smuggling, terrorist activities and illegal weapons handling.

France has asked Ukraine about cooperation in this case more than a day ago, but still waiting for Kiev’s response, according to Reuters. In the case of France, as the Agency was not transferred in the anti-terrorist unit of the Paris Prosecutor’s office, and the office of Pizon and the Department for combating organized crime. An anonymous official told the news Agency that the French authorities can’t confirm the details, which said Hrytsak. They, according to the source Reuters, suspect that Kiev could stage an incident to their advantage.