Zakharov suggested the Lebedev designer to create a background briefing

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in response to criticism from Artemy Lebedev asked him to design press-wall, against which are the representatives of the Ministry.

“This is the blue legacy — a gift from the past ten years. Treat it almost the same way as AL, just a little censuree. Since coming to the position of Director of DIP trying this beauty to change”, — Zakharov wrote in his Facebook.

Earlier Lebedev has criticized the background for the speeches of the representatives of the Russian authorities.Well, as usual, instead of pride for the country feel shame from the fact that designers traditionally work the barmaid from the organization,” wrote the designer in his blog.

In response to criticism of Lebedev, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry wrote that she has long been trying to change the background for the performances, however, for a number of reasons to do that yet. The first problem Zakharova called the budget, the second is the lack of a professional approach from those who take up such work.”

Zakharov said that already rejected several projects. In his post, the representative of the foreign Ministry of Russia has proposed to undertake the creation of a background Lebedev himself.