“Yandex” has begun negotiations about partnership with Facebook

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing a source close to the partners Facebook, the discussion is at a very early stage. According to him, the side discussing options for joint promotion of services of “Yandex” for the Russian audience on social network and on the exchange of user data between the two companies.

Facebook in this case, you may be interested in such services as the purchase of tickets, goods, movie tickets, calling a taxi or booking of hotels – “Yandex” could be their operator for the social network, because he has the “Yandex.Poster”, “Yandex.Taxi” and “Yandex.Market.

One more variant of cooperation – a system that will show users of the social network of discounts in the nearby shops or cafes. While “Yandex” provides this service on an experimental basis in the framework of “Yandex.Moment.”

To a joint project earned, companies will need to establish end-to-end authorization, that is to connect the Facebook account with Yandex.Passport”.

The publication notes that “Yandex” very interesting access to the mobile environment because of its mobile platform the company does. While she has claim to the service “Yandex” are distributed through the Google Android – platform competitor.

Director of national marketing Russian “McDonald’s” Julia Koneva sure that cooperation “Yandex” and Facebook is a good idea: “the social networks give the opportunity for very targeted advertising on a almost guaranteed characteristics of the user.”