Trump talked about you received from a deal with Gaddafi’s “state”

A possible candidate for President of the US Republican party, Donald trump earned “lots of money” on the deal with the ex-President of Libya Muammar Gaddafi. He stated this in an interview with CBS, the Associated Press reports.

“I made a lot of money on Gaddafi, if you remember,” he said, explaining that when Gaddafi visited the US, he had nowhere to stay, and he leased the territory from trump.

“He paid me a fortune,” he added, noting that it has become a kind of “a big joke”.

We are talking about the case in 2009, when the Libyan leader arrived in new York for the UN General Assembly meeting, but could not find a place to pitch his tent.

He was not allowed to do this in Central Park in Manhattan, the Upper East side and in Englewood (new Jersey), after which Gaddafi turned to Trump and he rented 0,86 hectares in his estate in the suburbs of Bedford (new York).

As reminds Agency, the original tent erected, then demolished after the threats of the authorities of the city to sue trump and then built it again.

Gaddafi was captured and killed by the rebels in February 2011. This was preceded by his removal from power and a civil war in Libya.