The founder of the most expensive startup promised Moscow a cab

The sharing service, uberPOOL trips will be launched in Russia “in the coming months.” This was stated by the founder and CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick, speaking at a lecture in Moscow. The service needs to be “accumulated a critical mass of trips,” he said. According to Calanica when the market is too small, it is difficult to find two people who commute on the same route at the same time, but when a certain scale is exceeded, the system starts to work.

In Moscow visible the “extraordinary growth”, and each month brings “closer and closer to the goal,” said Kalanick. He found it difficult to answer the question of RBC, specifically how many months you will need to launch uberPOOL, but “definitely before the end of the year,” said Kalanick, answering the question.

The uberPOOL service, launched in August 2014, offers multiple passengers to share a Uber in different locations. By itself “carpooling” (sharing a car) is not new, but modern technologies allow to use more than five million cars in Moscow “for the benefit of society and without any extra costs from the budget and taxpayers,” indicated in the column for RBC Kalanick.

Service uberPOOL is able — one-button — to bring together clients who need to go in one direction: the model “has already proved its effectiveness in terms of reducing traffic and emissions of harmful substances,” explained Kalanick. In the example he cited Los Angeles, where, thanks to uberPOOL total car mileage for the year decreased by 7.9 million miles, the exhaust — 1400 t In Chinese megacities (Shanghai and Chengdu) service with weekly use of over 100 thousand, he said Kalanick.

More and more representatives of young generation — “Millennials” — want to use the car in a purse with the help of car-sharing services: in the Asia-Pacific region, as the poll showed people under 30 years of collective car use personal prefer 50%, North America 20%, I’m sure the partner of venture Fund Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB; Uber investor) Mary Meeker. Uber is a pioneer in this field: in addition to the promotion of the abandonment of personal transport, the service offers the possibility of joint trips on the same route — just using uberPOOL. It accounts for 40% of all trips in San Francisco.

Kalanick founded Uber in 2009 in San Francisco. In early June of 2016 became aware of the involvement of the service $3.5 billion investment from sovereign Fund Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF), reported the newspaper the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). According to the newspaper, the current size of the round amounted to about $5 billion and was a record for the venture market (the previous record was $4.5 billion investment in Chinese online payment service Ant Financial, which is affiliated with Alibaba Group). In February 2016, on investments in the amount of $200 million reported by the holding company LetterOne Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev. According to sources RBC, also “tens of millions of dollars invested in Uber’s major shareholder holding USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov with partners. Uber maintains leadership in the list of the most expensive startups of the world: after bringing round from the PIF assessment service Calanica reached almost $68 billion (before that, investors had valued the company at $62.5 billion).

In December 2015 for the first time came top managers of Uber, in particular Vice-President Ryan graves. In an interview with RBC, graves says that Russia is one of the priority markets for the company’s development and plans to launch service in approximately ten new cities of Russia.