Media reported about the past in Vladikavkaz city of the size of a walnut

The past in some areas of Vladikavkaz hail was the size of a walnut, the correspondent of “Interfax”.

According to him, due to the bad weather in the city flooded several streets, impeded traffic, snapped power lines, fallen trees. In the emergency Department of North Ossetia, noted that the socially-significant objects the element is not damaged.

The head Department of EMERCOM of the Republic Alexander horuzhiy for an emergency meeting, reported that in Vladikavkaz, and several settlements of the Prigorodny region in connection with strong rain and hail, declared a state of emergency, reports “Interfax”.

Khoruzhii said that because of the heavy rain with hail and squally winds damaged the 314 households. Currently, restoration works are on, the population is provided by the slate, he added.