Moscow reported the retreat of the Kurds in Aleppo after the attack

The Kurdish militia left defending a position in the neighborhood of Sheikh Maksud in Aleppo after the attack, “al-Nusra Dzhebhat” (banned in Russia). This was announced by the representative of the Russian Centre for reconciliation the warring parties in Syria, reports TASS.

“As a result of massive artillery bombardment and the incessant attacks of the militants (banned in Russia) by terrorist groups “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” and “Ahrar al-sham” the position of the Kurdish militia, volunteers from local residents and government forces in Aleppo, the Kurdish militia left defending a position in the quarter of Sheikh Maqsood and retreated”, — he said.

The representative of the centre added that the firing of reactive systems of volley fire, mortars, anti-aircraft installations have been settlements Handout, the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maksoud, Cairo Governorate, Al-Zahra and the airport of al-Nayrab in Aleppo city. Also, the terrorist attacks suffered settlements Kisimba and Naseba Latakia province, FOIA and Kafer Haya, Idlib province.

Earlier, the representative of the center said that the terrorists are waging a fierce battle in the quarter Sheikh Maqsood, in it take part about 2 thousand fighters. They are opposed by the Kurds and volunteers from the civilians.

From February 27, in Syria a regime of a ceasefire agreed between Russia and the United States. It does not apply to groups deemed terrorist by the UN security Council.